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and Augmented Reality

Read more about our technology and
how we are using the latest innovations to
develop tomorrow’s solutions.

Software & Services by Robotic Eyes

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From initial consultation and MVP implementation to a fully integrated enterprise-workflow –
we deliver perfectly matching custom-tailored solutions for your business.


Read more about our technology and how we are using newest innovations to develop tomorrow’s solutions.

REX-Products & Services

With REX products, you can become an augmented reality user within minutes, even without prior experience.

Who we are and what we do

We are Experts in Software Solutions in Digitalization, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Our goal at Robotic eyes is to facilitate life and work using innovative software solutions.

With the help of REX products and specialized software digitalization solutions, we solve our clients’ most demanding challenges every day.

Thanks to our expertise of our specialists, we are developing tomorrow’s solutions for our customers today and are one of the first companies creating AR and AI solutions for companies in the construction industry and other fields.

„Many businesses, especially in the construction industry, are looking to digitalize. And that is precisely the strength of our software technology. We guide our clients along their path to the digitalized future of their businesses.”

CEO of Robotic Eyes

Our Clients include

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