We expand reality.

Robotic Eyes proves that augmented reality revolutionizes how we work and communicate. Read more about us below.

The vision that founded Robotic Eyes - About us

When our founder and CEO, Dr. Wolfgang Walcher, first tested an early prototype of Microsoft’s HoloLens in a secret research center back in 2014, he instantly saw that augmented reality was groundbreaking. It was clear to him that HoloLens and AR were going to revolutionize the way man uses machines.

He began to develop the first software solution together with CTO Bernhard Reitinger, creating a foundation for the AR applications and software solutions Robotic Eyes is creating today.

Soon thereafter, Dr. Josef Kauer, left behind his position at Microsoft to join us. In late 2021, he decided to focus on new challenges and thus left Robotic Eyes. 

Mission Statement

We make life and work easy by using the real world as a 3D canvas for foolproof augmented reality.

Mission Statement

We make our clients’ lives easy.

Machine must serve man, not vice versa.

We efficiently use sustainable and renewable resources whenever possible.

We stand for inclusivity and diversity.

You love software development? Join us as we revolutionize the future of technology.

The Founders

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Dr. Wolfgang Walcher, CEO

Our CEO, Wolfgang Walcher, spent 15 years in the United States, 10 of which he spent working for Microsoft. He specializes in business management, cloud and online services as well as 3D modeling. He was awarded his PhD at the University of Technology in Graz, Austria.


Dr. Bernhard Reitinger, CEO

Bernhard Reitinger is managing director and responsible for product development. He specializes in 3D software, augmented reality and more and has years of experience working for companies like Microsoft and Google.

The Team

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Kevin Bodner, MA

UI/UX Expert

Christian Kartnig, BSc

Product Manager

Alexander Huber, Dipl. Trainer

Head of Marketing & Communications

Ing. Martin Schögler

Head of Backend Systems

Christoph Heidenreich

Head of Mobile Development

Dr. Matthias Zöhrer

Software Development Lead

Mag. Christina Walcher

Head of Finance

Girish Tunk, MSc

Head of Frontend Development

Felix Rost, BSc

Software Engineer Machine Learning

Constantin Zach, BSc

Head of Embedded Systems

Clemens Zach, BSc

Technical Artist

Evelyn Gutschier, MSc

Software Developer

Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Hoffmann

Project Manager

Stefan Meissnitzer

Software Engineer

Dipl.-Ing. Elisabeth Reitinger

Software Engineer Backend

Shubham Turai, MSc

Software Engineer Machine Learning


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