No matter what field of business you would like new solutions for – we will provide guidance using our years of experience and services.

Focus on your business – we will take care of the rest.

Our service and products range from pure consulting to professional software development and even varied custom enterprise solutions that we tailor specifically to your business’ operations and processes.
You can carry on working, business as usual, while we provide our services.

CTO of Robotic Eyes

Project Implementation


We will consult you about our digitalization solutions and find the best way to implement your desired goals, guaranteed.

In order to do so, we will closely analyze your business’ needs and rely on close cooperation.


We provide in-house workshops about digitalization that are designed specifically for your company.

Together, we will analyze existing processes and define the measures that must be taken to digitalize. Then we will create specific solutions tailored to your needs.


Our experienced software developers work together with experts from your respective field to create the optimal products for your industry.

We favor close cooperation throughout the process of developing your custom solutions, involving your ideas and individual needs in the development and final product. This allows us to stay within both your financial and time budget.


We handle the project management and overall coordination of your software project as well as external partners.


One point of contact will be provided for all concerns, resulting in a more beneficial, efficient and economical implementation of your project.

Complete Solutions

We ensure that our augmented reality solutions are fitted seamlessly to both your existing enterprise and cloud environment.

We act as a one-step shop for digitalization.

Support and assistance for your digitalization solutions is available throughout the entire lifespan of your solution.


Contact us for your custom software solution or software integration.

Are you interested in a custom software solution or in a specific REX software integration? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you shortly.
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