Using innovative technologies today, we are able to develop solutions for the needs of tomorrow.

Künstliche Intelligenz bei Robotic Eyes

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Algorithms that imitate neural networks gather information from experience.

Artificial intelligence improves our software solutions and mobile applications by using robotic eyes and generating information from data.

Our experts can develop mathematical models based on these algorithms that can detect and classify objects in images.

Our models are becoming increasingly accurate as we train them continuously.

Mobile Augmented Reality

We develop mobile Augmented Reality apps.
Whether it’s iOS, Android or the Microsoft HoloLens – our expertise and knowledge allows for fast and efficient development of any Augmented Reality App you can imagine.

Our cross-platform AR apps are capable of:

  • Working with arbitrary 3D positioned data
  • Permanently anchoring any data in the real world
  • Securely store your data and define access control lists
  • Caching data for offline use
  • Reusing core components for modular application design
  • Utilizing the latest Augmented Reality frameworks provided by the big players such as ARCore, ARKit or Windows Mixed Reality
reverse ar

Reverse Augmented Reality

Not only is Augmented Reality useful for projecting 3D holograms of your CAD and 3D models into the real world, we are also using it for creating on-site measurements, documentation, recognizing patterns, structures, objects and even intelligent object recognition.

  • Utilize all available device sensors and generate a model from your environment.
  • Capture 3D measurement and store the information in REXos.
  • Post-process all data for further usage.

Beaconless indoor & Outdoor AR-navigatioN

Beaconless navigation allows for guided tracks by only using smartphones rather than additional high-price hardware.

And the best thing about it: You just have to install one app for using it.

  • Combining the technologies described above, our apps are aware of their position and orientation within an arbitrary coordinate system.
  • The entry points to such a coordinate system are defined by scannable, QR-code based, markers, called REXtags.
  • As the user moves an AR beam is updated continuously guiding him to his desired destination.

AR Location & Information

Find any project-relevant information directly on-site by using our mobile apps for AR-location and information.

Finding pipes, outlets or receiving directions on where to navigate inside a certain structure has never been easier.

Recording information and recalling it at any given time by multiple or single users is also possible.

  • A combination of Mobile AR and Reverse AR allows to permanently store information, such as pictures, audio recording or videos (and more) at a certain location along a recorded path or position.
  • Combining Mobile, Reverse AR as well beaconless navigation, this provides the beneficial advantage of allowing others to show how a person moved, move along his or her “breadcrumbs” for solutions such as construction-site recording, machine inspection, facitliy management and so on. This is QR-code based (REXtag).

Powered by REXOS

augmented Reality operating system

All the technologies featured above have been developed by using REXos.

REXos is a micro-service based AR-OS which we use for continous development and deployment of our custom software solutions and AR-based products.

Are you a developer? Click below and learn how to use REXos!

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