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Detect discrepancies between blueprint and reality, document and gather data, facilitate complex tasks for workers, and much more

We will improve your efficiency.

You have the challenges and we have your custom solutions.

With the help of our augmented reality platform, we design digitalization solutions for your business that are seamlessly integrated into your work flow and business processes. We will guide you from the first workshop to the final product.

Whether small business or giant enterprise – through close work with experts and partners, we have the know-how and recourses to implement any size digitalization projects.

All software solutions are available upon request as white-label-projects. We will not stand in the way of your branding strategies.

What our clients have to say

„In the mining business AR visualization is a high-tech communication tool for better condition monitoring, understanding and decision making. Better understanding leads to more time- and cost-saving decisions and optimized mining operations. Robotic Eyes is a highly qualified partner for us.“


Dr. Michael Haschke, EurGeol.
Manager Research & Development, DMT Group

Lean Construction Management

With augmented reality, comparing your plan to reality on construction sites is easy. With a quick look at their smartphone, a construction manager can spot discrepancies and can quickly initiate corrections.

Repair work, quality checks and other processes can be automatically documented to ensure that every task is carried out at the right place, at the right time and according to instructions.

Remote assistance via augmented reality allows our clients to make the right decisions on-site, efficiently and accurately.

Augmented reality applications like acceptance and approval of reinforcements save time and effort by comparing 3D models to the real construction site.

Optimization of Infrastructure Construction

robotic eyes

Precise and Efficient Billing

Augmented reality accelerates and improves the processes of billing and transaction as it helps recognize and measure materials used, and progress made.

AR allows our clients to three dimensionally capture all used materials, take measurements, and export them as a parts list with the push of a button.

This reduces both time and effort as well as human error that manual measuring entails.

Selling via app with augmented reality reduces the number of on-site meetings with clients.

This allows your sales team to tend to more clients in the same amount of time, without the hassle of driving to each location.

Your customers can view their respective product whenever and wherever. Any changes they request are implemented in the hologram and are instantly visible.

Augmented reality applications like digital rebar inspection save time and effort by comparing 3D models to the real construction site.

Optimize sales


As an interdisciplinary high-tech company, Robotic Eyes regularly participates in innovative research projects in cooperation with a strong partner network. For example, “DeepspaceBIM”, “FARMIN” or even “HoloMine”:

“DeepSpaceBIM” ist ein vom Bundesministerium für Verkehr und Infrastruktur (D) gefördertes Projekt (3,81 Mio Euro Gesamtprojektvolumen) das sich mit dem Bauen der Zukunft (fehlerfrei, ohne Terminverzögerung und in perfekter Übereinstimmung aller Beteiligten) beschäftigt. Robotic Eyes entwickelt dabei federführend neuartige Methoden zur Baufortschrittskontrolle mit modernster AR-Technologie. Die reale Baustelle wird über Augmented Reality Anwendungen direkt am Smartphone vor Ort mit digitalen Zwillingen verknüpft und für digitale, räumlich verankerte Prozesse geöffnet.


Im Zuge des Projekts erfolgen geologische Datenerhebungen, die das Erstellen mathematischer Modelle ermöglichen.  Die daraus resultierenden Modelle sind Anhaltspunkte für Strukturen oder Anknüpfungspunkte für weitere Datenverarbeitung.  Erhobene Daten führen zu besseren Entscheidungen, Anpassbarkeit der Arbeitsschritte und enormen Zeitersparnis. REXos von Robotic Eyes ermöglicht Terranigma, “GEMPY” innerhalb des Projekts nutzbar zu installieren und mittels gemeinsam definierter Schnittstellen ausführbar zu steuern.


Digitalisierung des Bergbaubusiness, optimierte Bergbaubetriebe unterstützt durch Mixed Reality.
Das Ziel von HoloMine ist die Entwicklung spezifischer Lösungen für ausgewählte Szenarien des Untertagebergbaus. Für spezifische Anwendungsfälle wie: Schachtinspektion, Maschineninspektion und Brandinspektion.
Robotic Eyes beteiligt sich an der Entwicklung von AR-Lösungen und der Bewertung vorhandener Hardware.


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